The world is depending on a struggling shipping industry.

Lack of sustainability

The global shipping industry emits more CO2 than Germany. While regulations to enforce emission reductions are closing in, no truly sustainable alternatives are in sight.


Ever-larger ships are cost-efficient but also depend on large central ports. In effect, congestions become the new norm. Economically efficient options that avoid this are needed.

No digitalization

Many processes within shipping are still not digitalized. The high dependency on analogue processes makes things inefficient. Even the location of a shipment is often unknown.

CargoKite can solve this problem.

We are building the sailing ship of the 21st century. Our innovative concept utilizes high altitude winds as its only means of propulsion with efficiency that has never been seen before.

In effect, we offer a fully sustainable option to transport goods that is efficient at the same time.

No large energy storage

Being fully wind powered is not only emission free, but also eliminates the need for a large energy storage. In turn, more cargo space becomes available.

Small ships for flexibility

Our ships are designed to be comparatively small. In effect supply chain flexibility and resilience become possible again.

Easy integration

A high degree of digitalization ensures optimal trackability. At the same time, our ships are designed to work with existing harbor infrastructure.

Autonomous operation

Full autonomy makes it possible to operate our small ships efficiently. This allows for optimized control and reduces personnel cost significantly.


Amelie Binder



Marcus Bischoff

Mechanical Engineering

Systems Integration

Max Perschen

Electrical Engineering


Tim Linnenweber

Business Development


Partners & Supporters


We are currently working full throttle on the development of the ship. Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in finding out more about the project.

Image sources:

Unsplash – Chuttersnap