Zero Emission Ocean Transportation

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Zero Emission Ocean Transportation

Backed by these top-tier investors:
We develop a novel ship to transport freight 100% emission-free, on-demand and cheaper than today.
Scroll down to discover how it works
Scroll down to discover how it works

Welcome to CargoKite, where engineering excellence meets innovation

welcome to cargokite
Cargokite's team

We are a tech startup from Munich reinventing how goods are transported across the ocean.

Since our inception in 2020, we have been dedicated to pioneering groundbreaking technology solutions for the future of transport and logistics. Spun out of the Technical University of Munich as one of the world-leading institutions for robotics and automation, our team combines German engineering tradition with the fast development cycles of a startup.

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Ocean shipping is the cheapest way to transport goods, but...

cargokite problems

…not reliable due to a lack of resilience

One single incident such as a ship getting stuck in the Suez Canal or a labor strike in a port shuts down major parts of global shipping, leads to massive congestion and ultimately causes damages in the billions in just a few days.

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…not sustainable

Ships run on heavy fuel oil, the dirtiest fuel in the world, making global shipping responsible for nearly 1 Gigatonne of CO2 emissions per year. That's more than all of Germany combined.

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…only for standard routes

Ultra-Large Vessels with more than 15.000 containers are very cost - efficient, but only 5% of ports have sufficient infrastructure for such vessels. On every other route, small, less cost efficient ships are in use, leading up to twice as high transport costs.

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…not customer-oriented

Having to serve thousands of customers with a single ship makes individualized routing and just-in-time delivery impossible for shipping companies, forcing cargo owners to keep expensive inventory.

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98% of ports are not directly connected. Time intensive stops and transshipments add unnecessary transportation time.


Our sustainable answer are autonomous micro ships

Cargokite solution

We are developing the sailing ship of the 21st century. Our innovative ship concept utilizes wind energy as its mean efficiency that has never been seen before.

Cargokite ship


Better use of existing infrastructure with point to point connections between even the smallest ports in the world avoids bottlenecks in large ports and makes sure that any incident causes minimal disruption.


Micro ships enable a taxi-like service for cargo to replace today's fixed schedules: any route, on-demand, fully traceable and just-in-time for cargo owners of every size, from startup to corporate.


1.5x higher operation speed, no unnecessary stops, no transshipments to enable up to 40% time savings compared to today's transport times.

propulsion concept

We only rely on clean and free wind energy to propel our newly designed ship without forcing our customers to compromise on transportation cost.

Shifting the paradigm from large inflexible freight ships

Freight ship

to small autonomous micro ships

Micro ship
Micro ship Micro ship Micro ship
Micro ship Micro ship Micro ship Micro ship Micro ship

for the benefit of the $400 billion ocean shipping industry.


Our new ship class is the cheapest way to fully decarbonize commercial freight shipping

during operation

Up to 70%
lower operating cost

16 containers

Autonomous operation

No fueling or charging infrastructure needed

Why us

Transforming a 500-year-old, $400B market

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Patented Technology

Our ship design with its unique combination of components and our control algorithms as magic glue for the components are first of its kind.

Unlimited market opportunity

The CargoKite technology knows no geographical limit and no limit to container shipping. From island transport in Indonesia to bulker shipping in the North Sea, many market segments can be opened up with one technology.

Massive Scalability

We aim to bring economies of scale to the production of ships. Inspired by the highly automated production lines of the automotive industry, we want to transform shipbuilding from single designs to mass production of identical ships.

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Quick answers to questions you may have

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Do you build the entire ship in-house?

No. Our ships are built after our own design, but we cooperate with ship yards for the manufacturing of the ship. Our core IP is control and intelligence software.

What if there is no wind?

The kite operates at ~300m and harvests so-called high altitude winds. High altitude winds are much stronger and more constant than winds near the ground and have a 95% probability of occurrence offshore globally. Additionally, we analyze weather data systematically and use our own route planning tool to calculate the optimal route for our ships and thereby avoid areas with no wind. As last fallback option there is still a battery and electric motor.

Are your ships already in operation?

No, we are still in development. We will start accepting pre-orders for ships in Q3/2024.

Why don't you retrofit Airborne Wind Energy Systems/ kites to ships?
While we do leverage learnings and technological development that companies such as Airseas, Skysails and others have made in the field of Airborne Wind Energy systems, there is two reasons why we have decided to source kites from existing suppliers and integrate them in an entirely new ship concept. For one, the emission savings potential of freight ships retrofitted with kites is 30%, while we enable 100% emission-free transport. Second, we believe that using a large fleet of small ships is the smarter way to transport goods overseas.
Where can these ships operate?
There is no maximum reach and no geographical limit. Our ships can operate on any route at any time. Check out the route planner demo to try your own example routes.
What type of freight can I transport with your ship?
Our main focus is on transporting containers. However, the ship design can be easily adapted to break bulk, ro-ro and project cargo. Reach out to us to learn more.
I regularly transport containers overseas. How do I benefit from using CargoKite ships?
You benefit from using CargoKite ships to transport your cargo in three ways: (i) lower scope III emissions (iI) faster transport (iii) lower supply chain management costs due to more transparency, less inventory and lower share of road and air freight.

Want to know exact numbers? Reach out to our team for a free initial consulting.
I'm a shipping company. Why would I replace my existing vessels with CargoKite vessels?
The lifetime costs of operating a small fleet of CargoKite ships as a replacement for an existing conventional vessel are lower and you still offer better service to your customer. Especially on smaller trades, several of our pilot partners could identify the potential to increase their profit margin by up to 12%. Finally, our ships are guaranteed to be compliant with all existing and future emission regulations.